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I started writing Trek fanfiction before I knew there was such a thing as Trek fandom - pretty well as soon as I'd seen enough episodes to feel I knew the characters. Over the years I also wrote one or two Professionals stories and several years ago I began writing in The Sentinel

I find, however, that I can't write in a series that's still in production. That actually does include Star Trek; although I started writing it before I'd seen every episode, the show had been cancelled before I ever saw it.

In spite of watching, and liking, other series over the years, and although I've done one or two Sentinel/Stargate SG1 crossovers, I really only write in these three series. It seems that I have to see something in the relationship between the characters before I can write. I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm looking for, but I know it when I see it.

Much of the fanfiction I've written first appeared in zines, and all the zine stories posted here have been re-edited to some degree. What can I say? I'm a compulsive tweaker, but even if I wasn't, on going back to them, after many years in some cases, I saw things in many of these stories I felt weren't worded quite as clearly as they might have been or needed just a little more explanation..

These stories do assume a reader has some familiarity with the canon of the shows involved. I hope you enjoy them..

Last Updated 21/01/2018